Kali's Guest/Dream Book 

Name: Erica W
Comments: It's been a long time since I have been on this web page. But because I forgot about the page doesn't mean Kali has been forgotten. She lives inside of us everyday, we all have changed from this experience. It has made us stronger and grateful. Always in out hearts.  
Tue, 31 Jan 2006 00:02:10 -0800 (PST)

Name: Robert P
Comments: i was backpacking new years eve of 99 and saw kalis MIA poster...the rrest of my trip was haunted with thoughts of this angel...when i came out of the mountains that became her resting home...i learned that she had been found passed from this life...and i cried...i know death is a part of life but she was robbed of this world that would have been hers on a plate... now 7 years later when i know she would be about 21 she popped into my head and i have become obsessed to learn about what happened to this angel...i know that souls that have been violently departed have trouble progressing onto the next level of conciousness...and i feel that i need to do something to help her...so i am going to burn candles and incense and say prayers for her...and i want you all to know...that although i did not know her...i love her and care for her precious soul... jules  
Sun, 15 Jan 2006 02:26:24 -0800

Name: Kali Lynch
Comments: I'm sure this time of the year is especially hard, sending hugs and warm thoughts your way.  
Wed, 16 Nov 2005 22:50:35 -0800 (PST)

Name: Nathan Nava
Comments: I just lost a young (15 years old) friend, and this loss and pain reminded me of Kali...I didn't know Kali too well, but I went to school with her at De Anza. She was a sweetheart to everyone and she is so very missed. I wish I could have known her better, but I am greatful for the times she was present. Whenever I was having a bad day She would give a smile that could brighten even the worst of days. You'll be missed Kali...But someday We'll meet again. P.S. I dont know if anyone remembers me from school...I now live in San Jose, Ca...anyone who remembers can email me Navakid13@aol.com 
Fri, 17 Oct 2003 15:26:00 EDT

Name: PrncssChr
Comments: I want to thank you for sharing your story and me and my school will pray for Kali and your family. 
Can you hear it in my voice 
Was it something I let slip 
Does the whole world know 
Isn't it obvious 
I'm the one who's in control 
Now I'm acting like a fool 
Do my feelings show 
Is my face aglow 
Isn't it obvious 
That I don't know what I'm doing anymore 
I'm feeling like a little girl 
Caught up in emotions 
I'm out of control 
Isn't it obvious 
Do you see my hands they tremble 
Wonder why I can't look you in the eyes 
Don't know how long I can keep this inside 
Isn't it obvious 
I don't know what I'm doing anymore 
I'm feeling like a little girl, oh yeah 
Caught up in emotions 
I'm out of control 
Isn't it obvious? 
Suddenly these emotions 
Are in control of my heart 
Can you see it in my eyes 
Every glance, every smile 
Must give me away 'Cause I feel so much, I can't hide 
Oh and I don't know what I'm doing anymore 
I'm feeling like a little girl, a little girl 
Caught up in emotions 
I'm out of control 
Isn't it obvious 
-Written by Heather Holley- 
Fri, 12 Sep 2003 20:49:42 EDT

Name: Lauren
Comments: Hi my name is Lauren and I knew Kali well I guess you could say, she was my sister Erica's good friend and she was very special and unique! I remember her in bits and pieces because it seems like it has been so long!! One of the memories that I remember the best is on my birthday and we were camping and she went with us and we were at the beach and she let us make her into a mermaid, she was the must beautiful mermaid I've ever seen!!(there is a picture of us at the campsite of the day I was talking about of us in our bathing suits). Oh memories are great and thats all I have of her now! But our job now for her is to keep her spirit here and never forget her, but then again who could forget such an amazing person!! We will MISS YOU VERY MUCH!! Love you always Lauren Waugh 
Thu, 12 Dec 2002 21:43:39 EST
Name: Sierra
Comments: Hi my name is Sierra Collier. I went to school with Kali from 6th to 7th grade. I hung out with Kali and Alex in the classes I had with them. I remember P.E the most. I just wanted to write and tell you that I still think about Kali alot. Alot of the kids I went to school with may not remember me, but I know Kali would. I moved away in 9th grade, but I was here to hear about the news. My life has changed because of it. I didn't attend the mermorial services, but I want all of you to know my heart was there. Kali will always be in my heart. Also if anyone wants to contact me, I'm living in Oregon now, but you can email me at Searose555@aol.com. I would love to hear from someone who I once knew or once knew me. I would love to hear about Kali and the years that I missed. Thank you, Sierra 
Mon, 25 Nov 2002 13:35:20 EST
Name: Rick Carreon
Comments: The web site is very nice. This is the first time in a while that I got chance to vist the site. I miss all the hard work we've shared to put up Kali's stop. There are alot of good memories of the fellowship and interaction with you all. Every other day, I'll go out there and water, police the litter, and blow off the stop area. I'm very happy in the way the students respect the stop area. The new flowers are a great addition of color in the garden area, Thanks for doing that. Lets get together soon! @ your service, Rick Carreon RiverRicko @ aol.com 
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 00:30:46 EST
Name: Dana Butler
Comments: Hi my name is Dana i never really knew kali personally but we did have a few classes together. I never thought that anything could happen like this in Ojai since my family and i moved here from Oceanside to get me away from all the stuff there. And to think that someone my age someone i knew was killed. Its just not right. i think that David should get the death penalty because i know hin and i know that he is a major jerk to everyone. to kali we will always miss your smile and goregous eyes and long flowig blond hair. 
Monday May 8th 2000 03:23:57
Name: Becky
Comments: Hi, My name is Becky and I am a teen of Oak View. I have lived here all my life and I knew Kali through My friend LAuren's Sister Ericka. Ericka, Kali, Alex, and Jessica were the 4 best friends. I use to see them everywhere together. I remember one thime when they got all down the street. It was so funny. She was a very sweet girl from what I know of her and She did not deserve this and neither did her family and friends. I think that David Alverez is a very sick man and should never be able to walk this earth. I have NO symothy for him! Becky
Friday May 5th 2000 04:28:10
Name: Princess (the only princess)
Comments: Well I just wanted to come say to that one percent that think David Alvarez's punishment was tooooo harsh then you must be pyscho too just like him and if you read this please E-mail me or maybe you can E-mail Kali's little sister next week when she gets the internet and try to talk to her and still think it is too harsh!!! If you are on David's side you are a dumb ass he admitted he did it and if you are on still on his side get a reality check LOSER!!!!
Wednesday May 3rd 2000 01:17:12
Name: Niki Marinis
Comments: I only knew Kali briefly. I was in Tom Eubanks' production of Enter Laughing and I remember sitting in the audience during rehersals with Kali and Alex laughing and making fun of the other actors! Kali had this awesome blue coat with blue fur trim she had gotten at a thrift store and my fellow actress Jessica and I were soo jealous of her for having it. I remember her and Alex in the wings during the preformances helping out and goofing off and having a good time. I also remember thinking how beautiful she was. That play was alot of fun and I'm glad she was there to enjoy it with us. I will always remember her smiling energetic face. She was an awesome girl and I'm glad our paths in life crossed.
Monday May 1st 2000 09:40:21
Name: Holly Santino
Comments: I never met Kali, but I did meet Holly, her mom. She was my nurse at Ojai Hospital when I went into premature labor. That was a very scarey thing. Holly was so sweet and helpful. I knew I would never forget her (also because we had the same name). Then about a year later this happened to Kali and I heard Holly was her mom. I wanted to be there to comfort her the way she did me. Well since then I lost my 18 year old cousin (more like a sister). Her name was Maren Hale. She is also from Ojai. She died at Lake Naciemiento last summer. I miss her so much and I see what a hard time my family (especially my aunt)is having with our loss. So the point of my message is that I have thought about you a lot, Holly. And now that we are going through the same grief, I want you to know I feel for you all. May this all get easier one day to face. There are two beautiful angels staring down at us in Ojai.
Friday April 28th 2000 03:29:45
Name: Princess of OV
Comments: Well I just came back to see if there were any more pictures recently posted, but there weren't!! I just looked threw all of my newspaper cut outs of the articles and the most recent ones alll said something about David Smiling or smerking!!!! I wish I could have slapped that look off his face, his ugly no good face!!! I can't wait until an inmate in jail beats the crap out of him or kills him!!! If we are lucky they will kill him!!! How could he live with himself knowing he killed a teenager girl!! How could he even kill someone as gorgeous as her!!! I just don't understand!!! But I am not pyshco like him so I guess I wouldn't!!! He has needed pychologic help since he was little!! Well everyone who knew kali or wants to talk about her you can email me at PrNcSsInPnK@aol.com!!! I Would personally slap David if I could!!! I think they should torture him the old fashion way!! Tar and feathers nad honey to attract the bees and some other things which I won't even mention!!!!! I just want to say if David's lawyer reads this (which i hope to god he does) I think you should go on a diet!!!!! YOU ARE FAT!!!! Liposuction does a body good when you look like david's lawyer!!!! Get some ear plugs if you can't handle someone talking in a microphone!!!! Oh yeah I hope you burn in hell!!!!! Love always, Princess of OV!!!!
Friday April 28th 2000 01:25:25
Name: Anonymous
Comments: Heaven's Gain A mother's arms are empty I've never seen such pain But her comfort is in knowing Her daughter was Heaven's gain. A father's life is altered Never to be the same But his comfort too is knowing His daughter was heaven's gain. For thirteen years they held her The time now seems so brief Their eyes are filled with tears Their hearts are filled with grief. But through her death we realize How precious our life is And ask our heavenly Father To one day make us his. Once a shining star on earth Kali is missed so much But shining even brighter now She's felt the Master's touch. Kali would want to tell you If her lips could speak once more To make God your personal savior And walk through heaven's door. For your life too will end And there will be more pain But the comfort is in knowing Our loss is Heaven's gain. <> <> <> I will always remember you Kali. 
Monday April 24th 2000 11:44:05
Name: Anonymous
Comments: To the Manley's: I love you all and I think you are all holding up very well!!! I really love being with you guys!!! Chuck you are really funny that is probably where Kali got her humor!! Holly you are soooo sweet!!! Liza you.... well words can't explain you you are WACKY, SwEeT, Fun to be with, a great friend, and always making me happy!!!! Chelsea you are sweet and funny and REAL crazy!! Oh yeah I hope your three month trip in Europe is great!! Buddy you are very sweet and lovable! Mandy You sure know how to TAP DANCE I will give ya a nice belly rub tomorrow!!! Calypso I wish you would let me hold you but you are cute!!!!! Sheba you are sweet and cuddly!! Bunnies sorry to say but I don't know how to spell T-r-u-v-y if that is your name??? Well I think guys are really cute and please do not forget to to say hello to the Easter bunny for me!!! Well I gotta go but just remember All you manleys I LOVE YOU!!!!!
Friday April 21st 2000 06:26:36
Name: Matt
Comments: Small towns breed the sickest of individuals, history is on my side. Having spent all 20 years of my life in this town I am constantly reminded of the evil and paranoia it brings, however, there is always good, (this site and it's supporters prove it). Those who take beauty away from us are doomned, They are the snakes and demons that keep the mothers and fathers awake at night, Those who take beauty away from us will suffer. Although I never met Kali, I knew her, we all knew her, she was in each of our hearts, she represented the vibrance and beauty of youth, and the innocence we all had. In this life we'll never understand death, perhaps that is why we fear it, and mourn so melloncholly, although there is no choice but to except it, One thing that I REFUSE to except is the death of another Polly, Jon-bennet, (and more painfully) Kali. As for Alvarez, May God Have Mercy On Your twisted Soul. --Kudos-- Matt- 
Friday April 21st 2000 11:44:21
Name: Liz
Comments: Kali was a sweet butiful talented girl.I have a few words i would like to say to the family. GOD ONLY TAKES THE BEST. I know kali is up in hevan making a butiful angle looking down on us so dont cry for the lost of kali cry for the good times.And the hard times that made her so stong.David Alvarez was wrong and no one will ever for give him for it.So the people that didnt know kali i sorry that your life wasnt touched by the joy and happeness kali brought to everyone she knew.And everyone suck it up and rember the good times not the bad times not becausse i said so but because kali would have wanted you to.
Wednesday April 19th 2000 05:40:43
Comments: I just wrote a couple of days ago and didnt get to finish so: Kali we all miss you very much I just called Liza yesterday and she sounds just like you on the phone,Liza and I went to Magic Mountain a couple of months back.Chelsea is in Germany right now,she just called from Czechaslovakia the other day(LOL).I hope Heaven is great and I hope to meet you at the gates soon(hopefully not TOO soon!).I love you and your family and I know your looking down on them and guiding them. Well I gotta go but I'll write again soon, K! I luv u XOXOXO NIKKI (TAY
Tuesday April 18th 2000 07:37:42
Name: Charles Manley
Comments: My family has enjoyed reading your loving comments on this page very much. Thank you! I want to thank Roy Hooper who, without even meeting or knowing us, took the considerable time and expense to create this site so Kali's spirit can touch others. I want to thank Rick Carreon and his Leo Club at Nordoff High School for their never give up spirit and energy in creating the memorial trolley stop that will be in front of the school for eternity. I don't exaggerate; the vision of Mark Whitman who designed it, the art of Jan Sanchez whose creations in plate steel will be on and in it, and the careful construction by Clint will last a lot longer than the school buildings. (I'll post pictures when it is finished. Please contact Rick through the Leo Club at Nordoff H S if you want to make a donation.) Please keep checking this site from time to time as I will post more pictures and Kali's art work. God Bless; Charles Manley, Kali's dad. 
Monday April 17th 2000 05:50:57
Comments: I have to go in a minute so i'll make this quick.Kali I love you and I miss you,Youre sisters miss you a lot als
Thursday April 13th 2000 07:45:47
Name: Princess of OV
Comments: I love Kali and so do millions of others!!! And for the wrongful death of Kali, he seriously deserves the Death Penalty!!!!! I know that sounds kind of harsh but you know in your hearts he deserves it!! Kali is forever young!!! Like Chelsea said "I will always remember her as 14"!!!!!!!! Love you, Princess
Wednesday April 5th 2000 05:42:35
Name: Tina
Comments: I graduated from Ventura a couple of years ago and looking at the photo gallery brought back memories of my friends. Kali and her friends were definitely having a great time, so at least they have the photos to remember those times.
Tuesday April 4th 2000 08:55:44
Name: Chris Lehman
Comments: I went to a candellight service in Libbey Park and saw all Kaleys friends there and saw the pain and love they shared for her. Although i never knew her or dont even remember seeing her at Norhoff she sounded like a really nice person, and im sad i didnt get to know her. God Bless u Kaley and all your friends and family
Tuesday April 4th 2000 05:24:42
Name: Kat
Comments: I lived in Ventura County when Kali disappeared and was found. I was deeply touched by how many people got involved in looking for her, which shows there is still good in the world. Even after I moved North, I did my best to follow the story. I hope David Alvarez rots in hell for what he did to that girl...but even that would be too good for the scum. I take comfort in knowing he will most likely get his in prison!! But I do wonder, he was capable of this...did he have anything to do with the disappearance of that other girl from W. Vta around the same time? (I lost track of that story.) Kali, even tho we have never met, you will forever be in my heart.
Sunday April 2nd 2000 01:57:05
Name: bb
Comments: I think this was really a horrible thing that happened. I just seen it on tv but i fill so bad. Kali sounds like a very nice person i would have liked to know her.
Saturday April 1st 2000 10:59:41
Name: CJ
Comments: I have been reading about Kali in The newspapers and am so saddened. My thoughts and Prayers go out to her family and friends. God Bless The Manley Family and Friends.
Saturday April 1st 2000 06:46:20
Name: Kati and Kaila
Comments: The first I heard of Kali missing, I couldn't believe it!! I didn't know her, I met her a couple of times, but I know her sister Chelsea. I was about 3 1/2 months pregnant when the search for her was going on, I wanted to help look for her, but I wasn't sure I could hike all over. When I went into labor on July 1st, 99, Kali's mom was one of the labor nurses! I didn't know she worked there, but I think that maybe if the same situation ever happens to my daughter, it would be really hard to work in the same area that women are having babies, but I think that it is wonderful that she works there. All of those babies are angels, just like Kali, and I give all of my best wishes to their family. 
Friday March 31st 2000 05:15:33
Name: Shelly Holland
Comments: Dear Kali My you rest in peace. And I am so sorry you had to go through so much pain...God Has maed you a special Angel to look down upon your family ...
Friday March 31st 2000 02:16:18
Name: Nikki
Comments: Hi Everyone! I am good friends with Liza and Chelsea (Kali's younger and older sisters) Kali we miss you ENORMOUSLY,GIGANTICALLY,EXTREMELY,SO VERY MUCH.I recently went to Magic Mountain with Liza,man we had a blast!Liza really wanted you there, I could see it in her eyes.Chelsea misses you ALOT!We all do.A couple of months after your death,I went to a resteraunt with Chelsea and she was talking about what you used to order,the poor thing had to fight to keep in the tears.TO DAVID ALVERAZ:You jerk!How could you take away Kali's life like that!I hate you and I hope you get the death penalty.Do you even have the slightest freakin clue as to how much pain you caused her family?and friends?and relatives?DO YOU?!!!!!!HUH?!!!You are the scum of the earth and I hope you pay dearly for what you did.Kali hon',rest in peace sweetie.I luv you XOXOXO Nikki 
Thursday March 30th 2000 05:12:33
Comments: You know who this is, I just wanted tell you how much I miss you. Their is never a day that goes buy that I dont think of you. Its so hard to be in my house knowing that you spent your last hours with me. I just want to apolgize for everything, words cant explain how I feel. Its so hard when people wont to talk about what happened because all I feel is guilt. I just hope your up in heaven guiding your friends and family in the right direction. I notesed when Im out with my friends or doing something fun is when I start feeling sad, and all I want is to go home and cry. I just wanted you to know that I love you and Ill never forget you. Youll always be in my heart.
Tuesday March 28th 2000 06:52:53
Name: Michele Carroll
Comments: Hi, I am best friends with Liza Manley, Kali's little sister. My older sister was REALLY good friends with Kali so I knew her for about 4 or 5 years! Everytime I go to Liza's house I see Kali's room and I think about how funny she was! She hated shoes! She loved Sarah McLauclin! She had gorgeous hair, a precious smile, and eyes as beautiful as heaven! But because of a guy like Daivid we all miss out on her great personality! If you knew Kali you would know how if you were ever sad she could cheer you right back up! I remember her always saying how much she loved my hair and she would brush my hair allll night when she spent the night and once she accidentally brushed my hair with a toe nail scrubber, It was so funny! Well she was also my T.A. in art so she would always help me if I didn't know how to draw something! We would always sneak candy back and forth! Well She was a GREAT artist and everytime I go to her house there is her art up everywhere and all of her pictures up!! I am deeply saddened by this awful tragedy and I hope David gets the death penalty I hope he burns and rots in hell for what he did to the most innocent angel!! Well Kali please say hello to all my loved ones up in heaven! Also I love you alot and I miss you a bunch!! Well I think I better go!! Love you XOXOXOXOXOXO Michele
Tuesday March 28th 2000 04:58:46
Name: Michelle Begg
Comments: Although I never really knew kali, I always thought she was a beautiful girl. She always was happy walking around school.(De-Anza) I watched the news everyday praying that they would find you and you were safe. When I heard the bad news my heart hurt. I pray that David gets the worse, and GOD will take care of that. Well Kali, you are very missed and well loved, stay happy and rest in peace.
Monday March 27th 2000 08:04:43
Name: MISS "K"
Saturday March 25th 2000 05:19:23
Name: Laurie C. De Los Reyes
Comments: Kali: I so wanted to help look for you, my husband had just had surgery and I had to take care of my family. But that Christmas was so sad, the knots of people walking everywhere looking, looking for you. To bring you home. I cried a river of tears for a girl I did not even know. You are missed here in our valley, not forgotten at all. You could have been my child. with love~~
Wednesday March 22nd 2000 05:21:50
Name: resident in ojai
Comments: I know that guy is guilty he has always been a very mean person. I have seen him beat people up for no reason he really does need to be locked up with all the other psychos out there Knowing him he probably thought he would never get caught and i am glad he did hes a very sick individual and is right where he belongs I HOPE HE BURNS IN HELL FOR ETERNITY REST IN PEACE KALI AND SAY HI TO MY BROTHER JAMES AND MY NEPHEW JR UP IN HEAVEN
Tuesday March 21st 2000 09:14:58
Name: Lacey
Comments: I am friends with kali's sister Liza. My friend Lauren's sister Erica was best friends with Kali. I useto go to Erica's house and Kali and Erica would teach me and Lauren and all of Laurens other friends how to dance. I thought she was a very sweet girl and why did that have to happen to her. I think whoever made this sight was very kind cause Kali was wonderfull even though I didnt know her that well I still thought she was sweet. Monday March 20,2000
Tuesday March 21st 2000 03:25:47
Name: Elizabeth
Comments: I was friends with liza and meet kali a few times.We went to the same school.She was very nice i dant think anyone could hate her.Its so sad that this has happend to her and scary too.Everyone alway thought that oak view and ojai where so safe and nothing bad has every happen.This was just a suprize to everyone.She was always over at my friend laurens house.Kali and erica always tought us how to dance and always listin to our problems.She was fun to be around and was very talented.We miss her alot!!!
Monday March 20th 2000 10:15:18
Name: Patty Compton
Comments: I just want to say i am very sorry for what has happened to your family kali is a very beautiful young lady and i hope David suffers evry day for what he did. I use to hang out with him in high school a few years back sad to say and i always knew that there was something seriously wrong withat guy. I cant beleive how strong your whole family has been through this all but i know just as well as you and your family does thats the way it should be. Kali will always be in memory and in my heart. That guy is a monster and will pay for what he did. I give to your and your family my sympothy and please remain strong you will see her wonderful smile again. I lost my brother to a car accident in 97 and i know he is watchuing over us all as an angel will do hes up in heaven with kali. they are happy and free smiling down on everybody. 
Monday March 20th 2000 06:32:59
Name: Kimberly 
Comments: I came along this site looking for a memorial site for my friend who died from suicide. This is a wonderful site and god bless you and your family.
Monday March 20th 2000 12:11:37
Name: Christine Manley
Comments: I was searching the name Manley trying to find the sight that is dedicated to our son Evan Manley who lost a year long battle with leukemia just a couple years ago and found Kali's sight. Please know that as parents who lost a child, we know the pain that your family is going through. It's a impossible to put into words the sadness felt by parents who lose a child at any age...but you're not alone...God Bless.
Thursday March 16th 2000 06:44:45
Name: Liz Price
Comments: I knew Kali and she was a dear friend. She was a beautiful person inside and out. She was creative, dreamy and in my mind absolutley perfect. I always looke up to her skills as an artist even in out elementary days. Being at her house in the morning as she was always late for school is something that I'll always remember. I remember the day I met her the summer before kindergarten, I was wearing a dress and little tights and tripped right in front of her she smiled and helped me up. That day I met her family and recognized the courage deep in her heart. And I know that wherever she is she is somehow sticking with us all through thick and thin wishing us happiness and love. 
Sunday March 12th 2000 04:17:24
Name: Lyndsay Dyson
Comments: This is a very nice site, it's sad to think that things like this happen. 
Thursday March 9th 2000 10:36:17
Name: Uncle Jim 
Comments: Friends of Kali..... I can't wait to see the trolley stop the wonderful community of Ojai has built for Kali. She was such a wonderful girl. From the day she was born, Kali had personality! She had a look that reminds me of my grandmother that passed away last year at age 98. I know she helped release Kali from the strong bonds holding her on earth. Kali loved life and would want you young people to live it full, to laugh often and most important, love much. She would call me on my birthday, I loved riding bikes with her and will miss watching her play. She was good at that. Remember her fondly and live your lives well. 
Sunday February 20th 2000 04:36:35
Name: Dianne
Comments: I am very sorry To all Of Kali Family and friends. It looked like even though this girl lived 14 short years that she enjoyed each moment of them. 
Thursday January 27th 2000 09:29:04
Name: Tammy Roselles
Comments: My heart goes out to Kali, her family and friends. I happened to come across this memorial page when I looked up the Ojai Valley webpage. I lived in Ojai most of my childhood and was very upset when my parents decided to leave and move us back to Michigan. Ojai is such a beautiful little town that it is very hard to imagine anything like that could ever happen but I know it does. God Bless you Kali! 
Thursday January 20th 2000 09:27:13
Thursday December 30th 1999 06:49:44
Name: Rick Carreon
Comments: I want to thank you all for your help on Kali's memorial. 
Tuesday December 7th 1999 07:12:11
Name: Kali Griffin
Comments: I found this site after searching my name on the internet. I am 16 and it was terrible what happened to this girl. I hope the judge keeps this killer in jail for life so the streets will be a little safer.
Monday November 8th 1999 11:01:09
Name: Susan
Comments: I sure like the section done by her friends: it felt good to smile after reading all the awful news events. Thanks.
Friday October 22nd 1999 11:58:42
Name: Paul Bailey
Comments: I didn't know Kali or about her passing away until I discovered this site this morning. I read all of the articles and everything related to her in this site, and I was very saddened by what I've read. It's so hard to try to imagine someone could ever inflict this kind of damage to a young girl, her family, and those close to her like this guy did! I couldn't help but feel an emptiness inside of myself when I read about what has happened to Kali. I am 21 years old, and my fiance and I are expecting our first child in only 6 days. I could not bare to go through what Kali's family and friends have gone through. I commend you all for the strength and solidarity you have had throughout your hardships. I wish her family and loved ones very much strength in their futures, and I want them all to know that I will pray for them. And I also will pray that the man who brought this tragedy to you all will be brought to justice in the appropriate manner that God sees fit! My prayers, love and caring go out to the Manley family and all of Kali's friends! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
Monday October 4th 1999 07:05:03
Name: Liza
Comments: I never knew Kali,I only found the page right now. May God be with you! Liza
Thursday September 23rd 1999 10:49:38
Sunday September 5th 1999 12:46:01
Name: Erin Burke
Comments: God Bless you Kali!! 
Thursday August 26th 1999 10:34:42
Name: Kelly
Comments: Kali was obviously well-liked and well-loved by many. I hope her family can take some comfort in this, and that they know they have the support of the entire community-- now and forever. God bless them! 
Friday August 13th 1999 02:38:11
Name: e
Comments: Hi my name is Erica I would just like to thank all the people who have been at Kali's web page. I was a friends of Kali's and if you do read this please put a little something in Kali's Dreambook so we know what you think about what happened to her. If you knew her please put something that you remember of her (please keep it clean). Her family and friends would like to know your thoughts. Thank you very much for taking your time.
Sunday May 23rd 1999 06:10:56
Name: Jessica Humphrey
Comments: Kali was one of my best friends and I miss her very dearly. She could brighten up one of the most gloomiest days and she always gave you hope for what was coming in the future. It hurts me to know that Kali will never grow up and have a family of her own and that I never got to say good-bye. But I try not to dwell on her death and just remeber what she was, a kind warm hearted girl that meant the world to everyone she came in contact with. Know she is a butterfly in the sky who flies with freedom. Kali I love you and miss you. 
Friday February 12th 1999 03:08:30
Name: Alexandra
Comments: I was won of Kali's friends and I would like to say that we shouldn't all be dwelling on Her tragic death but be sharing GOOD memories of her...she was a sweet girl! I miss her a lot and I never knew I cared about her so much until this happend. R.I.P Kali! :)
Thursday February 11th 1999 08:52:39
Name: Erica Waugh
Comments: yes i knew kali very well,you can say she was one of my best friends.We are all touched by what happened people who knew her a didnt some more and some less.Well we all miss hes smiling face,bright blue eyes and her long blonde hair that flowed in the wind.To what happened we will learn from this and not take things for granted bescase you will never know whats going to happen next.I just hope that you would read this and not think of hate but think of the good
Thursday February 11th 1999 03:37:33
Name: Ashley Kelly
Comments: Kali and I never met, but she was best friends with a close friend of mine. I do remember seeing her beautiful blonde hair downtown, she was so pretty. I think it so sad that someone my age has lost their life because of someone like David Alvarez. If you have ever been to Ojai you know its a small town and naturally you believe nothing bad will ever happen, well it did happen and it happened to someone to young.
Wednesday February 10th 1999 05:58:16
Name: Suzanne 
Comments: Although I did not know Kali or her family, I have a 14 year old daughter, so was very saddened by this tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with the Manley's. I only hope that we can teach our daughters to be smart when it comes to these predators that are lurking out there, and guide them to use good judgement in their daily decisions.
Tuesday February 9th 1999 09:05:52
Name: Stephanie Shank
Comments: I always had talked to Kali and when i found out that she was missing i freaked! I thought she wouldn't ever do that. When i looked at her i saw an angel just her face and personality. i miss her and wish this never had happened!
Sunday January 17th 1999 10:14:50
Name: Caroline Fedotowsky
Comments: No matter how hard we try, it is impossible to keep our kids 100% safe and still leave them room to grow and experiment with life. In the Ojai Valley we are a community that cares, but even so, things happen. As the mother of an adventurous 23 year old daughter, I have thought a lot about Kali. We cannot undo what happened, but in her memory I will try to have the courage get involved if a young person seems to need help. I will never forget all those people in our valley searching for her on Christmas. I hope her family feels the love and shared pain at this, and I hope justice is done quickly, fairly, and without hate.
Friday January 15th 1999 05:15:41
Name: Kristie
Comments: School just started again and Nordhoff High is not the same without Kali. This week has been real hard on us who knew her. We searched her name on the internet and found this page, So thanks.
Friday January 8th 1999 06:06:29
Name: Brian Aikens
Comments: My heart goes out to the Manley family. The events are tragic to them and to all of us who have children who are growing up in the valley, especially those of us with daughters. I knew Kali when she came to our church with a friend. Our prayers are with her family.
Wednesday December 30th 1998 08:53:25
Name: Caitlin 
Comments: My brother went to Kindergarten with Kali. The day my family heard about this tradgedy was a very hard one. Nobody could believe it and I don't think anybody still can. Looking at this web page can only make me think, "WHY! WHY HER!?" My thoughts are with you Manley's!! 
Sunday March 11th 2001 04:56:55 
Name: Elizabeth Ashby 
Comments: I don't know where to start. I was friends with Kali since elemtary school. We did almost everything together. I remember one time we made a huge list of all the things that we wanted to do that day. We never actually got around to all of them but we had a great time anyway. I also remember going to Santa Cruz Island with all the Manleys. Kali and I begged to stay on the Island. We got our way but I got scared halfway through the night and we screamed for Chuck to come get us. I miss Kali so much and I wish that she was still here. She will always be in my heart and in my mind. I love you 
Monday March 5th 2001 06:17:35
Name:  Gwen 
Comments: I lived in California (in Oak View) until i was ten, and since i was in like, first grade, i was close with liza. I remember going over to their house, and seeing that boat in their driveway. I would play dolls with Liza all over the place and Kali let liza use her dolls too :). When i first learned to rollerblade, i was over at Liza's house, and i she let me use Kali's (though i don't think Kali ever knew it.) and we rollerbladed down to the school. One summer i even went sailing with them, and all i remember is singing stupid songs and being kind of sick. Even though Kali and i were never really friends, my heart goes out to her family. i could never imagine losing someone so close to me. If Liza reads this, i just want her to know, that even though we haven't talked in a while, i want to get a hold of her again! xoxo, gwen 
Monday February 26th 2001 12:00:43 
Name:  Amber Freeman 
Comments: I met Kali in the fourth grade when I moved here from Atascadero. Her and her friends all welcomed me. Even though we were not very close i felt something leave me when i heard. KALI WE ALL MISS AND LUV YA. 
Sunday January 28th 2001 08:09:13 
Sunday January 28th 2001 08:06:32 
Name:  Anne Merritt 
Comments: I was a teacher at Arnaz, Kali's elementary school. I remember Kali as a talented, beautiful, fun-loving, and bright young girl. I worked with her when she was in First Grade and remember that she loved to read and draw. Later I had her sister, Liza, in First Grade and I remember Kali meeting Liza at the clasroom door every afternoon to walk home together. I also remember how Liza looked up to Kali and often wrote in her journal about "my Kali." I think of all of you-Chuck, Holly, Liza, and Chelsea-every single day and am in awe of your strength. I pray that each day gets a little easier for you. Love, Anne Merritt 
Sunday January 28th 2001 04:44:49
Name:  Milly madonna 
Comments: Where do I begin...I used to babysit her. I remember when I first heard the news. I was shocked. I remember thinking, "no way. Kali is to small and to innocent. why would anyone want to hurt her?" I was devestated. I remember picturing her up in the sky. When she was little she liked it when I brushed her hair, or did her nails. she was such a little priss. She said to me once, with a look of nobility in her eye, "I'm the most beautiful princess." I remember thinking that this one was definitly going to be a handful. Kali must have been around 10 or so, maybe older, when I stopped babysitting her and her sisters. The memories I have of Kali are young and old. To this day when I think of her, my heart hurts. She was abeautiful girl, and when her mother told me that Kali was growing up to be that little priss I saw many years prior, I thought to myself that this could be trouble. I'm mean look at her. She's a knock out!! But never did i ever think that this would be her fate. Kali has given me the sight to see that life is very short, and far to fragile to let it just slip by. I will always hold a special place in my heart for her, and her family. If I could take away their pain, I would. I just hope they know that she is in a far better place than we are, and that the beauty of it all is that one day they will see her again. Just like me with my dad. The time on this planet is nothing compared to what lies beyond. Kali will always be to me the little girl with the clorine-bleached hair, who loved to live in Kali-Land.... 
Friday January 26th 2001 06:55:49 
Name:  Debra Kramer 
Comments: In memory of our dear Kali - the most wonderful loving, caring person that has passed through our daughters life. You don't know what a hugh impression you had on our family's life. We all felt like you were part of our family, you two spent so much time together. We all miss you so very very much, I know a day doesn't go by without Kim looking at your pictures on her wall and thinking of you. You girls had such wonderful dreams for the future. When we ride in a car with the top down we remember the night I took you girls out in Uncle Danny's new mustang and you said you had always dreamed of standing up and screaming at the top of your lungs, with your long beautiful blond hair blowing in the wind. Of the mornings when I'd wake you both up and you always had the most beautiful smile from ear to ear! Of your wonderful hugs. I know you're in heaven with Sugar and looking down on Kim (her own private angel). We will always miss you and think of you often. And we will cherish all the wonderful memories. We love you so very very much, you will always hold a very special place in all of our hearts. Our prayers go out to all of your family and especially your parents and sisters. We hope someday they will forgive us of things that were said, and give us a call. God bless all of you and our prayers go out to each one of you. 
Monday December 25th 2000 03:58:03 
Name:  Amber 
Comments: Kali, i just wanted to tell you how much I looked up to you when you were on the swimteam with me. I was the shy little girl and you were that brave older girl. You inspired me in sports as well as life. That awful year of 1998, I became cpatain of the pierpont raquet club dolphin swimteam. I will never foget you Kali. -Amber 
Saturday December 23rd 2000 11:05:37 
Name:  ~*~Harmony&Serenity~*~ 
Comments: ~*~I'm so sorry about what happened. I didn't know you, but I can see the effect you had on everyone. I remember hearing it on the news almost 2 years ago and being dumbstruck. Major praise goes to the memorial about to be presented formally in front of NHS. May you and your loved ones have Serenity and Harmony.~*~ 12/14/00 
Thursday December 14th 2000 08:59:44 
Name:  heather burns 
Comments: Hi my name is heather and I didn't know Kali but i am very sorry to here about her death. I feel for the family I live in massachusetts and two of my friends have been murdered in the last eight years and it is very difficult to deal with I think about them all the time. Death is a very hard thing to deal with but it is worse if your child is taken from you at a young age because people in this world are sick. I am very sorry. 
Friday November 3rd 2000 11:37:40 
Name:  Dani 
Comments: I didn't know Kali , I was searching for a song called Sunshine on a rainy day. This site is a touching reminder for all who have lost someone in a tragic way , that they will always live on in our hearts. Peace be with her. 
Wednesday September 27th 2000 05:47:59 
Name:  Casey 
Comments: I didn't know Kali, but by just reading what everyone has to say about her it seems that she was a beautiful person inside and out. I believe that Kali was so beautiful that she is now to be no-one elses child but gods, as there is no need for this angel to come back into life as she has no more lessons to learn. I am a young girl also and I would jus like to say to all of those who put across their views of hate towards the killer, please forgive him and let god deal with it, you hating him is not going to bring Kali back or make him feel any worse than he does. I know he has done wrong and hurt alot of people, but please in your heart forgive him. Kali's family, i am sorry and I would like to say that what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger, your strengh will shine and you will become closer to being what Kali was and is......perfect. 
Tuesday September 26th 2000 02:12:06 
Name:  Katelynn Lee 
Comments: I didn't know Kali but I have herd a lot about her and I just wanted to say that I am really sorry about what happend because my sister was raped and strangled to death so I know how you fe 
Tuesday September 19th 2000 04:26:27 
Name:  samantha 
Comments: i didnt know this kali but i went throught kinda the samme thing with my friend kali dawn benoit she had a heart murmur and she died and i was with her holding her in my arms at my house and she was fourteen and she was in the eigth grade im really sorry for your loss i know how you feel she was my best friend in the whole world and she still is well they will probably have fun together 
Thursday August 24th 2000 04:41:57 
Name:  curtis 
Comments: im sorry what happened to your daughter. thats horrible. may god be with you 
Saturday August 19th 2000 07:31:38 
Name:  Ulrik Brinck 
Comments: I was searching for information on the song 'Sunshine on a rainy day', but instead I found this web site. And when I started looking around here, I just couldn't stop. I had to read it all. I live very far from the US, and I never heard about Kali Manley before - and I probably never would, if it wasn't for this web site. But now I know about her, and I will never forget. With all the best for her family and friends. Regards, Ulrik, Denmark. 
Wednesday August 2nd 2000 06:16:04 
Name:  Dave 
Comments: I'm sorry but I never knew Kali. Although I somehow wish I would have. She seemed like she was a wonderful girl! You can tell that a lot of people loved her! I'm sure there is even more than we know. I wish all the best for Kali, her family, and her friends! Keep smiling and keep the memories! By keeping the memories alive you keep Kali alive! My heart goes out to everyone who knew Kali and most of all to Kali herself! Dave 
Monday July 31st 2000 12:01:14 
Name:  Jessica 
Comments: http://thaliaj.homestead.com/remember_me_always.html I'm very sorry to hear about Kali. I didn't know her but she looked very nice. My friend Nicole died. The URL above is the page i made for her. 
Thursday July 27th 2000 06:43:25 
Name:  Maren Jennifer 
Comments: I never knew Kali, or her family- i came accross this page searching for some one else's memorial page, however, I would like to extend my deepest sympathy's to her family and friends, since i know what its like to loose someone so close to me and have nothing but the memories. Keep smiling:) 
Monday July 10th 2000 10:51:22 
Name:  Nikki B 
Comments: Hey Babydoll! I miss u 
Monday July 10th 2000 01:03:12 
Name:  Faryn 
Comments: My older sister is friends with Chelsea and my younger sister is friends with Liza, and I'm friends with Kali. Our parents are also friends and sometimes all three of their girls and my sisters and I would stay the night at each others houses. We also take care of their pets (Buddy and Mandy) the dogs and the rabbits and cats when ever they would go on vacation. I live just around the corner from the Manley's so I've know everyone in the fmaily since I was about 5 or 6 and I'm now 18. I wrote a few poems about Kali shortly after her funeral and I would like to maybe put them up on the page.Thanks for making the page. I love to read her dreambook and see how other people react to the whole thing, it makes me feel better about my own feelings for her. Anyhow before I get all emotional again....thanks again. 
Wednesday June 28th 2000 08:40:14 
Name:  Amber Freeman 
Comments: I met Kali in the fourth grade when I moved here from Atascadero. Her and her friends all welcomed me. Even though we were not very close i felt something leave me when i heard. KALI WE ALL MISS AND LUV YA. 
Tuesday June 27th 2000 09:25:23 
Name:  Josh Swallows 
Comments: I believe that this is the best dream book that is on the web. Nothing show as much as this site does. It shows a lot of love for a sweet girl and love from a sweet girl just living her life until someone steals it away. I never really care for this town but I know see how much people care and goodhearted people where. I love the fact that so many people gathered at Nordhoff everyday getting ready for their long day of searching and praying that she would be home safe or found soon. Christmas day I spent with my father searching for her and with many others that also gave up their christmas to help a family. that is what christmas is about. Pulling together helping eachother through hard times. 
Tuesday June 27th 2000 09:24:14 
Name:  emily 
Comments: Hello Kali Best of luck always (: your pal Emily! SEEYA! and remember never kiss at the gardengate cause love is blind but your neighbours ain't OK. that's a bit dicky 2 more though >a ring is round it has no end and that's how long we will be friends! a friend may kiss a friend good bye a bee may kiss a butterfly the morning dew may kiss the grass but you my friend may kiss my________ any way that's my dumb advice for the century! ta ta dear keep smil'n (: 
Tuesday June 13th 2000 04:34:47 
Name:  Kim 
Comments: Kali Mae Manley, the most beautiful,honest, loving, and caring friend i had ever had. You knew how to make me smile on days that were dark, you shined your loving light my way as if you were an angel. i never met anyone like you,no one could made me laugh the way you did. There's not a day nor second that goes by where i don't think about you. I carry you with me everywhere i go. Like you always said were soulmates and friends forever. When you left yu took with you everything, my heart, my soul, and my life. Things changed i couldn't even make myself get out of bed, i didn't care, and my life was pointless. Endless tears flew down my face, nothing made me happy. I'll never forget you and the great times we shared. I had the greatest times in my life with you! Thank you for always being a good friend. I wish i could let everyone know all the times we shared but it's to hard and repeating it only makes it worest, plus it's not at all the same. My family misses you very much. We all pray for you everyday. My prayers will go out to you for everyday until-? I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH!!!! TO THE MANLEY FAMILY: I hope your all doing okay. i think of you all the time. I wish we had better terms with each other. I do love you all and feel the pain of losing some close. Kali was the most closest friend i had ever had. Your daughter was a great human being. She was very gentle and loving person. She made me and many other people smile. You all must be so proud. If i can do anything or a special event for Kali is going on i would love if you could contacted me. Thanks for everything! -<3Kim K. 
Thursday June 1st 2000 08:28:53 
Name:  Liza Manley 
Comments: Well . . . where should I begin. Hmm, there so many memories, I don't think this website could hold them all, (being her sis and all*:) ). Maybe I should start with saying something about all of you! You see, I just really want to thank everyone who comes to this website to keep the memory of Kali alive. Also, thanks to all who have been such a great support to my family. Oh yeah, for all the Rangers and people who helped with the memorial trolley stop: it looks great!!!! Well, I gotta go, so the memories will just have to stay in my heart. Bye!!! ~Liza~ 
Thursday May 18th 2000 05:10:55 
Name:  D'Lynne Warren 
Comments: I remember in about second grade Jessica Humphrey, Kali, Myself and some other girls would all eat lunch together. We'd get our chocolate milks and settle down for a nice, quiet lunch near the Arnaz cafateria, when all of the sudden, our lunch wasn't so peaceful. we'd see eachother do something absolutely hilarious and we'd all bust up until we all had milk dribbling from our noses. Then we'd all pee our pants. Eventually all of our moms had to keep an extra pair of clothes in the office for such occasions. It was great, but only because of the fun we'd have together, and the strange looks we got. -D' 
Monday May 15th 2000 10:49:01