Kali's Obituary     © The Ojai Valley News

Kali Manley died tragically, but the date of her death remains undisclosed.
She was born Dec. 29, 1983 at Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, and was a resident of this valley for her entire life.Kali attended Arnaz Elementary School and De Anza Middle School. She was currently attending Nordhoff High School where she excelled at art and learned to love Maya Angelou.
Kali participated in swim team and junior life guards. She loved drawing, painting and romantic movies.
She is survived by her parents Holly and Chuck Manley; sisters Chelsea and Liza Manley; and grandparents Bill and Aileen Fraser, Jackie and John Durschinger, and James and Janis Manley.
Services were held on her birthday, Tuesday, Dec. 29, at Ojai Valley Community Church. Pastor Paul Bergmann delivered a message of love, not anger or hate, at this time. It is a message with which the family fully agrees, according to her father. Later, at Nordhoff High School, another ceremony that encouraged the youth of Ojai to share memories was held to the music that Kali enjoyed.
Kali's ashes will be scattered across her favorite places in the mountains and streams of Ojai that she loved, her father said. The family, while devastated by this tragedy has found comfort in the support of this community.

        Elegey   by Kassi Harris

They once called her.

They once called her a butterfly, for her thoughts and emotions ofter took hold of her.
Carried her off above the world and she would float there.
But now they call her an angel.

They once called her a free spirit
Roaming, and unruled.
But now I am sure her spirit is free.
Wandering amongst the heavens,
Hidden amougst the clouds,
And venturing past the stars.

They once called her a great artist.
They said she would draw the world:
Now from the best seats in the house.